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Why hire a funeral escort?


Central Florida is arguably one of the most congested/high-traffic areas in the south, with countless tourists & locals completely oblivious to their surroundings, let alone the law.

Everyone should have respect for such a solemn ceremony... they should also yield.


However, this isn't always the case... Let us help your procession be seen with our marked escort fleet.

Our Promise...


FMS contractors strive to give your family the best possible escort experience, by maintaining a safe & controlled funeral procession at all times, while always remembering these are the final moments with your loved one... It is our honor to serve them.

Bells & Whistles...
Florida law (FL. 316.1974) states drivers SHALL YIELD the right of way to an active funeral procession, with a lead and/or authorized escort vehicle displaying flashing purple/amber lights.

Nobody want's an accident in such a turbulent time.

With over 100+ funeral processions under the belt of FMS leadership staff, in addition to having commercial insurance specifically for motorcade services - we hold ourselves to the highest standard.

Immediate Need

To speak with a member of FMS staff please call us at:


407 - 300 - 5572​​


Serving central Florida & surroundings areas


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