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This article pertains to solenoid valves and the global solenoid valve market. How do these valves affect the global market? A solenoid valve is a device which uses a solenoid to control valve activation. With solenoid valves, electric currents go through the solenoid. They are looked at as electromechanically operated valves which are specifically geared towards controlling liquid or gas flow. Solenoid valves are most commonly used in fluidics as control elements. They perform several different tasks such as release, shut-off, mix or distribute fluids. Solenoid valves offer different advantages to the end user, for example, high reliability, fast and safe switching, extended service life, compact design and low control power.


Global solenoid valve market is segmented on the basis of type, application, and region. On the basis of type, the global solenoid valve market can be segmented into two port valves, three-port valves, and four-port valves.

Where are solenoid valves most commonly used?

Solenoid valves are commonly used in fluid power pneumatic and hydraulic systems. The mission is to be able to control fluid power motors or large industrial valves. Another typical example of where solenoid valves are used is automatic irrigation sprinkler systems. They can also be found in washing machines and dishwashers which controls the flow of water into the machine. On the basis of application, the global solenoid valve market can be segmented into various industries such as chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, automobile industry, agriculture industry, food & beverages industry and others. Out of all these applications, the chemical industry is expected to dominate global solenoid valve market during the period of forecast.